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Here is a soul classic - the Aretha Frankin/Atlantic/Otis Redding hit "Respect". It's one of my all time favourite groove lines. It's groove is fat and synco/back beatish - huge. Thanks to David Price, a Libster visitor, for the following info about Tommy Cogbill, who played bass on it...

"The bass player on "Respect" (and all of "Lady Soul" and "I Never Loved A Man..") was Tommy Cogbill. Cogbill was a white southern bass player who along with Jerry Jammott, Chuck Rainey, and James Jamerson really defined '60s syncopated soul bass. He played on much ofthe Muscel Shoals Recordings - Wilson Pickett (Funky Broadway), King Curtis, Percy Sledge, James Carr (the original "Dark End of the Street"), Dusty Springfield's "Son of A preacer Man", etc. Some of DuckDunn's later bass parts such as "Who's Makin' Love..." show his love of Cogbill's playing. Dunn has said that Cogbill was one of his all time favorites".

Aside from the great bass groove, it's got kind of an interesting chord progression, with a really unusual bridge. I've had to play it in lots of different bands in lots of different keys, and everyone always seems have it under control until the bridge. So take note - it goes to a minor #IV chord.

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